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February 2020

We are now approaching the 2020 season and Willenhall Nordley B.C. are proud to announce the opening of our new updated website.

This site has been developed to enable our members and other bowls enthusiasts to receive all information regarding Willenhall Nordley Bowls Club and other relevant crown green sites so, as to keep all informed of any new or upcoming events/matches/competitions etc.

We would welcome all visitors to view our website and hopefully enjoy and keep abreast of all information regarding Willenhall Nordley B.C. and hopefully the website can grow and become a go to place.

One of the areas we are trying to concentrate our efforts is the development of the green and the surrounds, we are currently embarking on extending the surrounds on the car park side of the green where hopefully this may be able to create a family seating area. We will in the near future also be trying to develop the pavilion area whereby the current area will be replaced by a purpose brick build which will hopefully future proof this area. Obviously there are major costs to these projects and this will hopefully be developed over a 5 year time frame to try and achieve in what we feel is necessary to create a nice and safe family environment whilst also incorporating a successful bowls ethos and an enjoyable social aspect.

We are also very wary of the lack of juniors that are coming in to our game and also the expense that is incurred for them to play therefore, we are trying to address this important aspect of our game by introducing a free membership for all juniors representing Willenhall Nordley. This means that all subscriptions for juniors under the age of 16 including yearly and pin money shall be free and that no junior 16 or under will pay anything to play the game of bowls for us. We are keen to try and promote and encourage the grass roots area of our game and allow juniors to take part in what is a can be an enjoyable sport and rather than play electronic simulated games they can actually take part in the real participation of what is a both a mental and skilful sport whereby allowing the natural ability to come to the forefront of accomplishment.

With the juniors in mind, this year we are hosting the Ryan Hyde 32 junior 1 day competition for the third year running on Sunday 26th April 2020. This competition will help to provide a healthy competitive drive towards the progression of the junior game. The competition will be a free entrance for all juniors and we are in current negotiations with members and sponsors to help to raise funds to enable the total prize fund of £400.00.

As we are trying to take all aspects of the game forward, we are also keen to promote the social side of the game as well and can offer club and bar facilities and various other social activities such as poker nights, quiz nights etc. throughout the year.


All that is left to say is that I hope you keep on visiting our website and that you all have a successful and enjoyable season ahead.



Bill Pitt.


Club Captain